Arizona Lasik | LASIK Surgery Centers
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LASIK Surgery Centers

When considering a LASIK center, you should realize that safety and results of LASIK performed at different LASIK Surgery Centers are not all the same. At Moretsky Cassidy Vision Correction our goal is to provide you the information needed to help make the most educated decision possible in the selection of a LASIK center.

Community LASIK Centers

Moretsky Cassidy Vision Correction is owned and operated by the Doctors who are represented in the centers name. Dr. Moretsky and Dr. Cassidy involve themselves in every aspect of your LASIK experience from the initial consultation, pre-operative care, during surgery and post operative follow ups. Doctors Moretsky and Cassidy decide on the equipment, the staff and all issues related to patient care, and in doing so, they have established their practice as one of the top LASIK centers in the Southwest through direct involvement in every decision related to the care of their patients.

Discount LASIK Centers

Doctors are employees of discount LASIK centers. These doctors typically have little control or influence on how the center operates. They may travel back and forth to multiple locations to perform procedures, with limited involvement in the pre and post-operative care of patients at different centers. Because of the structure, often surgeons are hired, fired, quit or go elsewhere. Typically the surgeon doesn’t have a high stake for the long term of the center. The operational protocols of these facilities are often dictated by managers who answer to executives. The executives in turn report to stockholders who are interested in the bottom line, not necessarily the patient.

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