Ultimate Makeover LASIK Results
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Ultimate Makeover LASIK Results

Dream Team Logo

Dr. Moretsky explains the Custom
LASIK procedure a to patient
Dr. Cassidy prepares to perform
IntraLase, 100% blade-free LASIK

Dr. Moretsky and Dr. Cassidy were selected as official LASIK surgeons of Arizona’s Ultimate Makeover “Dream Team”, as seen on ABC Channel 15.

The Ultimate Makeover “Dream Team” selected two recipients from over 300 applicants who registered.


LASIK Results Victoria Parks The first recipient selected to undergo the life-changing makeover was Victoria Parks, a Fountain Hills Montessori preschool teacher and wife of an Air Force Master Sergeant. Victoria had always dreamed of becoming a motivational speaker but had been embarrassed by her appearance.Following her custom LASIK procedure, performed by Dr. Moretsky, Victoria sat up and said, “Wow, this is awesome”. The makeover has given Victoria more confidence than she ever imagined.


The Dream Team also selected JC Guerrero to undergo Arizona’s Ultimate Makeover.JC, a Tucson family man, with two preschool aged children was selected as he had endured many recent challenges including supporting and nurturing his 27 year old wife through her battle with breast cancer and a near fatal auto accident that left him scarred and unable to run or jog again.Dr. Cassidy and the other members of the Dream Team were happy to give JC a fresh start and new lease on life. JC’s custom LASIK was filmed live on ABC Channel 15 and was a great success.“I could see the license plates in front of me driving to my 1st post-op appointment, that’s something I couldn’t have ever seen before”. LASIK Results JC Guerreo

Our Physicians were featured on ABC 15 Performing a Live LASIK Surgery