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LASIK Testimonials

We have helped a lot of people improve their lives through the gift of better sight. Here is what they have to say about it.

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Testimonials from Other Doctors

“I am absolutely thrilled about my vision. It’s perfect. LASIK has been a miracle for my eyes. Thank you.”

~ Dr. J. Carvel Jackson


To be able to see the alarm clock without fumbling for my glasses was marvelous enough, but I can also swim and water ski without losing my contacts. I have almost forgotten I ever needed to wear lenses, and now I know how it feels to be born with perfect vision.”

~ Dr. Barbara Prah


“I’ve worn glasses & contacts for 38 years. LASIK is a miracle! It’s easy to undergo, no pain and great results.”

~ Dr. Brent Allan


“I spend a lot of time outdoors. It’s so nice not to have to take contacts out. Everything has been great since having LASIK!”

~ Dr. Diana Easton


“Dr. Cassidy and the staff were great! They explained everything in detail, were patient and did not rush through anything.”

~ Dr. Victoria Amstutz


Life After LASIK

“I never thought I could ever see without glasses after 50 years. It’s the greatest!”

~ Connie K. Dennis


“It’s better than wearing contacts. I was tired of the upkeep and hassle, especially having a young child to take care of during the night.”

~ Jennifer LaBrie


“It has helped my vision tremendously. I went from basically blind to perfect vision. After wearing glasses for 15 years to perfect vision, my life has greatly improved.”

~ Kristin Barnhart


“It’s the best! After way too many years I can wear cool sunglasses! Everything looks clearer. This is the best.”

~ Peter Gorman


“Miraculous!! It is something you always said all the money in the world could never buy – now can! I would and do recommend it to everyone.”

~ Deanna Karam


“It is a wonderful experience! There is such a feeling of freedom after. You don’t have to worry about losing your contacts or glasses ever again!

~ Jennifer Keller


“After years of ‘enslavement by eyewear’, laser vision correction has truly changed the way I ‘view’ life!”

~ Diana Bergner


“Wonderful. Best thing I’ve done for myself – ever!”

~ Bob Langan


“It’s a great feeling being able to wake up, exercise and hike without worrying about putting on glasses.”

~ L. Orona


“There are no words to describe what a blessing this surgery has been. Unless you’ve been nearly blind as I was, you could not imagine the joy to be able to see clearly unaided for the first time in my life.”

~ Cynthia Oberg


Why Choose LASIK

“My prescription was so high that I couldn’t function without my contacts. I couldn’t even pick out my own children in a crowd. It really scared me.”

~ Michelle Reddy


“I had the procedure so I can participate in active sports without the hindrance of glasses.”

~ D. McCone


“My vision was so bad I was having problems at work. My eye strain was extreme.”

~ F. Maloy


“I wanted to get rid of glasses and improve my vision.”

~ G. Felix


“My vision was so bad that if I didn’t have my contacts, I couldn’t function.”

~ M. Martinez


“I wanted vision without glasses. I’ve worn them for 48 years.”

~ J. Sharp


“I was tired of having to wear glasses to see. I am very active and kept breaking and scratching my glasses.”

~ D. Schroeder


LASIK Results

“I don’t know why everybody doesn’t have LASIK surgery. It was painless, took little recovery time and my results were great!”

~ K. Clark


“Wish I’d had it done years ago! It took me a long time to get up the courage to have the surgery. Results are amazing – 20/15!”

~ Gerri Bara


“I am very happy with the results to date. I would and will tell all my friends about the surgery and the wonderful care I received.”

~ J. Elaine Myers


“I’m glad I had it done. After a month I had 20/20 vision which I feel is remarkable at my age of 67.”

~ Marion K. Cones


“I am 100% in favor –it feels like I have ‘young’ eyes again.”

~ Judith Cox


“A good decision and amazing results! Immediately after the surgery I sat up and cried- I could see! I was overwhelmed.”

~ C. Cunningham


Testimonials about Our Staff

“I travel a lot with my job and during the summer, swimming is much more enjoyable without the “lose the contacts” worry. The doctors and staff were extremely friendly, patient and professional. They were very helpful and informative. I know that this is their job, but I truly believe that they care about each and every one of their patients!! Thanks!!”

~ Sheri Wardle


“The doctors and staff were excellent. The professionalism of the staff was greater than the competition right from the initial phone contact.”

~ Doug Gahm


“They were very informative, polite and courteous. They explained the procedure and answered all my questions.”

~ S. Venne


“The staff was wonderful. They kept me informed and comfortable before, during and after the whole procedure. “

~ L. Gandy


“Everything was explained up front. The nurses and doctors on the surgery day were terrific.”

~ L. Higgs


“The office & surgical staff were very professional and treated me with warmth and courtesy.”

~ L. Konkle


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