iLASIK Questions (FAQs)
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ILASIK Questions (FAQs)

Here are a number of general questions in regards to LASIK and iLASIK (the technology we at Moretsky Cassidy Vision Correction use) but we understand that these may not answer all the questions you may have. If there are other questions you would like to address you are free to speak to one of our LASIK counselors or the doctors themselves or ask us your LASIK Questions in the comments section below.


Does iLASIK Hurt?

There is minimal discomfort with the procedure. Patients are usually aware of the creation of the protective flap when the eye is pressurized with the suction ring. The eyes may also feel ‘scratchy’ for the first few days.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure takes about 20-30 minutes for both eyes.

Can both eyes be done at the same time?


Will I be rid of my glasses or contacts completely?

iLASIK will greatly reduced or eliminate your dependence on glasses and contacts. Patients over 40 years old may still need reading glasses. Like any medical procedure, there are no guarantees, but over 99% of our patients can pass their drivers license test without glasses.

How soon can I resume driving?

Obviously iLASIK patients should not drive until they are confident their vision is clear and stable. Typically most patients drive themselves to our office the next day without the need for their glasses or contacts.

How soon can I return to work?

Most people return to work within one to two days following the completion of their procedure.

When can I wear makeup?

You should wait three weeks before applying eye mascara.

When can I swim following iLASIK?

You should not swim or use a hot tub for about two weeks following LASIK.

What are your doctors’ results with iLASIK?

Our doctor’s results are consistent and speak for themselves. With iLASIK our results are even better. Now over 99% of our patients can pass a driving test, 98% of our patients are seeing 20/20 or better, and 81% of our patients are able to see 20/15 or better. Our doctor’s enhancement rate is only 3% utilizing the iLASIK platform through a full range of correction.

What is the definition of iLASIK?

The iLASIK procedure is one of the most precise medical procedures performed today. Our doctors now have precise tools to measure and map the uniqueness of both of your eyes – down to the most minute characteristics individual to you. The 3D mapping technology literally creates a blueprint (or fingerprint) of your eye, allowing our doctors to then custom-fit the iLASIK procedure for each of your eyes.

The iLASIK procedure itself is revolutionized by the use of two computer-guided lasers – instead of one as in earlier generations of LASIK. The first, ultra-fast IntraLase Femtosecond laser, creates a thin corneal flap, which is then folded back to allow the second laser the Visx Star S4 with 3D eye tracking and iris registration, to correct your vision based on the exact specification/measurements of your eye(s). The procedure takes just minutes. Patients experience a quick virtually painless procedure with the potential of 20/20 or better vision and outstanding safety as a result of reduced flap complications.  You are free to resume your active lifestyle, now with the potential of 20/20 or better vision. Remember, this is the very same technology advances used in the iLASIK procedure that convinced the military and NASA that iLASIK was finally good enough for their mission critical personnel. The Air Force has approved iLASIK for their pilots and the Navy has approved iLASIK for their naval aviators. Even your most extreme lifestyle is nothing compared to being ejected from an F-16 or the G-Forces of shuttle rocket blast-off.

Why should I choose iLASIK over other vision correction options?

Just like the tailoring of a fine suit or couture fashion, the iLASIK procedure is tailor-made for you, your vision, and the unique characteristics of your two individual eyes. The 3-D mapping, precise measurement, and the use of two of the most advanced lasers differentiate the iLASIK procedure from all others. Consumers not only require 20/20 (or better) vision for their active lifestyles, but also prefer not to be bothered with the daily inconvenience of glasses and contacts.

Is there anything new or better?

iLASIK is the final frontier of LASIK since NASA approved the iLASIK procedure for its astronauts following review of extensive military clinical data, which showed the use of two lasers (Femtosecond & Wavefront-guided) provides superior safety and vision as compared to earlier forms of the procedure. You should rest assured there is nothing better.

How can I find more information?

This website was created with you in mind to answer all your questions. Try one of these links.