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Most Advanced Technology




Drs. Moretsky and Cassidy have helped thousands of Phoenix LASIK patients to obtain better vision. Their practice offers the top Arizona LASIK technology. They tailor the treatment to match the individual needs of each patient.

Because we value our commitment to our patients we utilize only state-of-the-art equipment based on its outstanding performance, quality, track record and safety features. You will learn more about the LASIK technology we use to perform bladeless eye surgery in this section of the website.

Also in this section of our website, you can learn about the various procedures we offer, view video clips on how these procedures work and if you choose, view a procedure.


Two Steps of LASIK

There are two important steps to LASIK eye surgery, both requiring different LASIK technology.

At Moretsky Cassidy LASIK Vision Correction we realize that not everyone’s eye conditions or problems are the same. We do not participate in the “one procedure fits all” method. Dr. Moretsky and Dr. Cassidy will be involved in every aspect of your vision correction process to ensure the best possible outcome.

LASIK Technology Step 1 - Creating the Flap LASIK Technology Step 2 - Reshaping the Cornea
Create the corneal flap Reshape the cornea

Step 1 – Creating the Corneal Flap

In step one, your doctor creates a micro-thin flap of tissue on the outer layer of your eye, also known as the cornea. The flap is important for rapid healing, greater comfort and better vision. If it is too thick, too thin, or irregular, it could affect the quality of your vision. Although complications with LASIK surgery are rare, when they do occur, they are often associated with the use of a hand-held microkeratome blade in step one.

Our IntraLase makes LASIK surgery better by replacing the standard hand-held microkeratome blade with a computer-guided laser that delivers micron-level accuracy over 100% greater than a microkeratome.

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Step 2 – Reshaping the Cornea

In step two, your doctor folds open the flap so that an excimer laser can be used on the inner cornea to correct your vision. Your flap is then returned to its original position where it seals without stitches.

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