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Moretsky Cassidy Vision Correction uses the CustomVue VISX STAR S4IR with “True” Wavefront Technology, Iris Registration and 3D Eye Tracking

The current generation of laser vision correction (LVC) is a lot more than simply customized wavefront ablation. The VISX excimer laser platform system includes multifactorial advances that create optimal outcomes for today’s LVC patients.

The CustomVue platform has at least six meaningful advances in addition to Wavefront customization that enhance clinical outcomes. These exciting advances include:

  • the use of Fourier analysis
  • variable spot scanning
  • enlarged optical zone options
  • improved blend zones
  • iris registration
  • pupil centroid shift compensation


Technology is advancing at an amazing and exciting rate. There has been much discussion in the field of Ophthalmology concerning the merits of wavefront customized LASIK versus wavefront optimized LASIK versus conventional LASIK. Yet these discussions are becoming outdated and irrelevant given the fact that only wavefront guided Custom treatment offers these other significant platform advances.

In short, the current generation of the VISX Star S4 IR Excimer laser includes many more benefits than just the addition of a wavefront analyzer. These added elements allow our surgeons to give patients the best possible outcomes for laser vision correction today.

CustomVue Wavefront Technology

Wavefront technology was originally developed to help reduce distortions when viewing distant objects in space. Today, it is revolutionizing the refractive surgery industry.

CustomVue Wavescan Diagnostic System

Wavefront technology is incorporated into the iDesign diagnostic system which allows our doctors to now identify, measure, and correct imperfections in a patient’s eyes 25 times more precisely than with standard methods used for glasses and contact lenses.

Using Wavefront technology in conjunction with the Star S4 Laser, Doctors Moretsky and Cassidy can take the digital information gathered by the iDesign diagnostic system and develop an individualized treatment plan that can be transferred directly to the laser for a precise “High Definition” vision correction never before possible.

CustomVue Star S4 Laser


Our VISX Star S4IR laser with Wavefront Technology, Iris Registration and 3D eye tracking provides excellent predictability and has the most custom treatment approvals by the FDA. This laser also has the widest treatment range available in the United States. With the latest hardware and software upgrades, our laser features design improvements intended to shorten the treatment time and expand the lasers capabilities and accuracy.