Pro Sports Affiliations
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Pro Sports Affiliations

As a prospective LASIK patient, is there any benefit for you to go to a LASIK center that is affiliated with a professional sports team? The inference is that this lends special credibility to the medical practice… however, is this so? We think not.

The promotional benefit of name recognition with an NBA, NFL, MLB or NHL professional sports team, is associated with high “marketing value” to any business or medical practice that displays such pro-sports team affiliation in their advertising. Permission to use these logos is not awarded for quality of care, or necessarily care for the team, but are simply “bought and paid for” advertisements. Pro-athletes often simply act as paid pitch-men for products and services that they may use.

Advertisement signage is used in pro-sports arenas and stadiums to promote products or services.  When a LASIK center is “selected” as a “Team Eye Doctor” or “Team LASIK Center”, it should be apparent that it is no coincidence that you will find paid for billboard type marquee advertisements of the LASIK center on display at the respective sports arenas or stadiums.

Ads in the game program or other handouts are also typically employed.  Each of the team logos or references on display in a LASIK center’s advertising layout or on their website indirectly carries a hefty price tag. The advertising is then repeated on radio and in newspaper ads.

In order to recapture the substantial marketing cost incurred, a LASIK center must perform a very high surgical volume.  In contrast, we believe in controlling our promotion budget and instead drive our referrals from satisfied patients, who prefer personalized care and who subsequently refer other like minded patients. Informed prospective patients may view these pro-sports team affiliations as just another marketing gimmick.

We at Moretsky Cassidy Vision Correction have performed LASIK on various professional athletes including Bob Howry (Arizona Diamondbacks), Jeff Culpepper (Chicago Cubs), Anthony Recker (Oakland A’s), Krys Kolanos (Philadelphia Flyers), Cedric Walker (Arizona Rattlers), Lisa Harrison (Phoenix Mercury) and Toney Foster (Phoenix Mercury).

We have declined paid for pro-sport team promotional affiliations offered to our center and feel privileged that the professional athletes that have selected us for their LASIK procedures have done so because of our reputation and experience.

Don’t take our word for about pro sport team affiliations, see what the former “Official Jeweler of the Phoenix Suns” Oliver Smith said in part of his email to his customers on August 29, 2013.   His commentary was as follows:

The Phoenix Suns fired me.  Many of you know I have had a four year relationship as a partner and the Official Jeweler of the Phoenix Suns.  Two weeks ago we were just finishing up the partnership agreement for the upcoming season, and they got a better offer from Kay Jewelers…it’s business.  I wish them luck, but I am sure you are all going to say “I told you so!”


Testimonial from Bob Howry, Retired Arizona Diamondbacks Pitcher


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