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Custom LASIK

Custom “Optimized” Allegretto Wavelight Laser  vs.  Custom “Guided “Visx CustomVue Laser.  What defines “true” custom and what does this mean?


Allegretto Wavelight
“Wavefront Optimized”

VISX CustomVue
“Wavefront Guided”

Wavefront Optimized Only
Not “True” Custom Wavefront Guided

“True” Custom Wavefront Guided technology is superior to Wavefront Optimized



Claim 1: Preserves or improves quality of vision in regards to glare and night driving.


Response 1: This is Theoretical only, no clinical studies apply. VISX CustomVue was shown in clinical studies to demonstrate superior night vision satisfaction.



Claim 2: Maintains and protects natural shape of the cornea.


Response 2: Allegretto only addresses steepening of the periphery of the cornea to maintain a more natural shape. VISX CustomVue also compensates by steepening the periphery of the cornea to maintain a natural shape and more importantly corrects all aberrations in a patient’s vision.


Claim 3: Provides superior clinical results. Response 3: Superior results compared to what? Only proven superior results to results of conventional LASIK treatment, not “true” Custom Wavefront Guided LASIK.

Although Wavefront Optimized is superior to conventional LASIK, it lacks the ability to correct higher order aberrations in the vision that “true” Custom Wavefront Guided treatment is designed to correct.

VISX CustomVue is superior to conventional LASIK and superior to Wavefront Optimized because VISX CustomVue corrects all higher order aberrations.

VISX uses special instrumentation or a computerized map called an aberrometer to identify unusual irregularities in the vision and create a fingerprint of the eye’s vision, which the laser then in turn corrects.

Allegretto Wavelight cannot take a fingerprint of the visual system of the eye and correct for irregularities, as does VISX CustomVue.

VISX unsurpassed results at every level of correction, involving all unique higher order aberrations of each eye, not averaged response to data derived.


Unique technology features used in the Visx CustomVue that Allegretto Wavelight does not have:

With Visx CustomVue, the WaveScan, sometimes called the vision fingerprint or aberrometry map, is derived from the eye, based on anatomic landmarks. This is called “iris registration.” Just like in sci-fi movies, the anatomic details of iris (the colored part of the eye) are used in obtaining data in the vision fingerprint. The vision fingerprint imperfections, or aberrations are then corrected by computer technology, using 240 data points collected by the WaveScan. The last step is the  delivery  of the laser vision correction treatment by theVisx excimer laser,  onto the cornea (the clear window of the eye).  This precise treatment is enhanced by the “iris registration” technique,  previously captured during the pre-op WaveScan testing.

The eye will typically rotate when the patient lays down during the LASIK procedure. Since all pre-op testing is performed in the sitting position, by the time the patient lays down there is variation in the treatment application. So, without “iris registration” it is less likely the laser vision treatment will be as accurate. In addition, Visx CustomVue also identifies the center of the pupil for more reliable treatment application.

Allegretto Wavelight with its Wavefront Optimized system will not obtain a pre-op aberrometry map, will not perform “iris registration”, and will not identify the the center of the pupil.

Only Visx CustomVue, not Allegretto Wavelight, is approved by the U.S. Government for LASIK on Naval Aviators, Air Force Pilots, and NASA Astronauts (when combined with the Intralase flap).


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