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Presbyopia is a normal aging condition in the eye where the lens located inside the eye loses its ability to accommodate or change focus from the distance to close up. Presbyopia typically begins between the ages of 40 and 50 years old and is the reason people need reading glasses for small or fine print.

Performing a “blended vision” LASIK correction may aid you in seeing distance and intermediate, to see smaller print there will be a need for reading glasses. Monovision on the other hand corrects one eye for distance and one eye for near vision. A prior trial with contacts is advised first before proceeding with laser vision correction for this type of surgical correction. The KAMRA Inlay is the newest breakthrough in surgical correction of presbyopia. See KAMRA Inlay for more information.

The correction of Presbyopia is now possible through multifocal Intraocular Lenses (IOL’s). These state-of-the-art lenses allow the patient to see both near and far, with both eyes significantly reducing or eliminating the need for bifocals and reading glasses.

Moretsky Cassidy LASIK Vision Correction is proud to be the first doctors in Arizona to offer the presbyopic correcting ReSTOR Intraocular Lens. This procedure can enable a cataract patient, after surgical removal of the existing cataract, to focus on distant objects as well as objects up-close without the need for reading glasses or bifocals.

Learn more about presbyopia surgery options on our cataract site.

Presbyopia Not Your Problem?

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